Black Gymnasts in History 2018: Shenea Booth


Acrobatics (Sports Acro) is one of my favorite gymnastics disciplines. We had an acro team at Detroit Metro Gymnasts, and I did some acro choreography back in the day.

I have only been able to watch from the sidelines, but the career that Sheana Booth had along with her partner, Arthur Davis, was incredible.

What has been as impressive as their competitive days is their professional career. Being a finalist for America’s Got Talent allowed millions to witness their extraordinary skills.

For being one of the top acrobatic gymnasts in the world along with her partner, we are glad to feature Shenea Booth today in our Black Gymnasts in History project.

Read more about Shenea and Arthur here:


Watch a video of Shenea performing with Arthur at the 2002 World Championships.

Shenea Booth and Arthur Davis

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