Black Gymnasts in History 2018: Rayshine Harris

RayshineHarris (1)


Tumbling was my first gymnastics discipline.  Shout out to the Detroit Y Tumbling Team and our coach, Mr. Julius Lee. So it is a treat to feature Rayshine Harris.

There’s not much more to say about Rayshine as a champion – he was and still is an amazing tumbler.

Rayshine has an incredible story. From Newark, New Jersey, Rayshine was a member of the famous Flip City Tumblers, coached by the legendary David Green.

From the Shine Tumblers website

In 1994 Mr. Harris broke the world record for the most difficult tumbling pass and then continued breaking his own world record in 1995 and 1996. It wasn’t until 10 years later that his record was broken. Mr. Harris left tumbling right at the beginning of his prime, and is now committed to helping others achieve their lifelong goals through the sport of Power Tumbling.

In 1999, Rayshine and I happened to be on the same flight from the West Coast. I was on a mission to recruit him for the international gymnastics performance company AntiGravity. Once Rayshine joined AG, he embarked on an amazing international performance career that continues to this day.

I personally thank Rayshine for the numerous times he performed to the delight and awe of my WHGF students. Whenever I design a gymnastics center, I always make sure to include a tumbling rod floor inspired by Rayshine and his incredible talent.

To Rayshine Harris – World Champion, international gymnastics performance superstar and community activist, we are proud to feature you in the Black Gymnasts in History project.

Watch a quick video highlighting Rayshine’s incredible career:


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