Black Gymnasts in History: Dave Green

dave-greenRead our profile on Dave from 2016: 

Dave Green and Flip City – legends indeed! On day two of the Harlem Gymnastics Invitational, I am reminded of Dave Green  because one of our trampoline judges for tomorrow is Pat Henderson, and Roger Walker came in tonight to make sure that our rod floor was marked properly for tumbling. Roger was one of the best tumblers in the world and now he is a great coach; Roger was one of Dave’s students.

The impact of Flip City was immense on so many levels. For the World Champions, for putting Newark on the map (in a positive way), and for providing an outlet for the youth that set them on a path to lead constructive and productive lives.

Oh yes, I am a big big fan–I always look to the success of Flip City and the trailblazing work of David Green. I often reach out when I need advice for my foundation.

We are honored to recognize Dave Green today for our Black Gymnastics in History project.

Please read more about Dave’s career here:


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