Black Gymnasts in History: Steve Butcher

steve-butcherRead our profile of Steve from 2016: 

As we finish day one of our Harlem Gymnastics Invitational, I am reminded that gymnastics is a sport of rules. Each discipline has a book of rules called the Code of Points! The Code of Points is the responsibility of the Technical Committee of the International Federation of Gymnastics (“FIG”). The President of the Men’s Technical Committee is Steve Butcher!

The Technical Committee is very powerful and, yes, very political. For ten years I was on the USAG Executive Committee with Jackie Fie, who was the President of the Women’s Technical Committee. I was in awe of her knowledge, passion, and fairness, and also how she had to so carefully navigate this international group of gymnastics officials.

I am in awe of Steve Butcher, too- and so so proud!  I have known Steve for many years and it has been amazing to see him rise to the top of our sport. I follow him as he travels the world, holds court at the Olympic Games and makes his mark and sets the stage for the best male gymnasts in the world!

Take the time to read through his profile:  It will give you a different perspective of gymnastics and insights of those that are charged to make the rules for the future of gymnastics.

Today for Black Gymnasts in History we salute Steve Butcher, President of the FIG Men’s Technical Committee.


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