Black Gymnasts in History: Jair Lynch


Read our profile of Jair from 2016: 

It has been such a pleasure to see Jair Lynch go from an Olympian to Olympic Medalist to serving on the U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors to outstanding Real Estate Developer.

What can be said is that whatever Jair does, he is super successful. He was obviously an amazing gymnast, competing on two Olympic teams. His leadership skills shone through as the captain of the 1996 team.

His performance when he won the Olympic silver medal in 1996 was mesmerizing, full of drama, and exhilarating.

Over the years I would see Jair at the Olympics when he was on the USOC Board, and I have always admired his amazing skills as a leading businessman in Washington, D.C.

Do take a look at his website – it is impressive.

Jair Lynch, a true Renaissance man, we salute you today as part of our Black Gymnasts in History Project.

Watch Jair in his Olympic silver medal-winning parallel bars performance in 1996:


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