Black Gymnasts in History: Gabrielle Douglas




There is something about great athletes when everyone knows them by their first name!

The top prize in Women’s Gymnastics is the All-Around Olympic Gold Medal. The Olympics is just its own event, and nothing matches the anticipation, pressure, intensity and drama.

I was fortunate to be able to attend this event thanks to my friend, Shane Geraghty, who gave me his ticket! He saw in my eyes that I just had to see this live. It was as dramatic and edge-of-the-seat thrilling as any sport event I have ever seen.

Adding to the Olympic Gold was her Silver Medal at last year’s World Championships. Wow wow wow! It is so rare for an Olympic Champion to come back at a World Championships like Gabby did.

The impact of her win along with her comeback resonates strongly. She opened the door wide open and inspired so many to the possibility of greatness.

Today for Black Gymnasts in History we salute reigning Olympic Champion Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas.

Read a recent article on Gabby’s training for the Rio Olympics here:

Watch Gabby in action—her Olympic all-around title-winning routines at the 2012 Olympic Games:


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