Black Gymnasts in History: NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Individual Champions




While it took more research and photos were more difficult to come by- this is still a very impressive list of the NCAA Men’s National Event Champions.

Many of the names we have profiled earlier this month, but there are seven gymnasts listed who are new to our project.

Today for Black Gymnasts in History we feature the individual men’s event NCAA Gymnastics Champions. Please do read more about each athlete.

2007 Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons, Oklahoma
2008 Casey Sandy, Penn State

High Bar
1978 Mel Cooley, Washington
1984 Charles Lakes, Illinois
1992 Jair Lynch, Stanford
2000 Michael Ashe, California
2001 Michael Ashe, California

Pommel Horse
1986 Curtis Holdsworth, UCLA

Parallel Bars
1993 Jair Lynch, Stanford
2004 Ramon Jackson, William & Mary

1964 Sidney Oglesby, Syracuse
1976 Sam Shaw, Cal State Fullerton
1978 Ron Galimore, LSU
1979 Leslie  “Les” Moore, Oklahoma
1980 Ron Galimore, Iowa State
1981 Ron Galimore, Iowa State

Floor Exercise
1977 Ron Galimore, LSU
1988 Chris Wyatt, Temple


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One thought on “Black Gymnasts in History: NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Individual Champions

  1. Hi Wendy Hilliard. It is great to see your most necessary coverage of Black Gymnasts. I wanted to say that I was left off your list of Black Men NCAA Individual Champions. I was the 1988 NCAA Division 1 National Floor Exercise Champion. I was runner up on Vault in 1988 as well. I am Fred Turoff’s first national champion from Temple University. You have always been a big inspiration to me numerous others. Keith Miles Avery was also my coach and mentor at Temple University .


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