Black Gymnasts in History: Olympic Coaches

OlympicCoaches (2)

Miles Avery with Paul Hamm at the 2004 Olympics

It is a pleasure to add Miles Avery and Alan Hatch to our Black Gymnasts in History lineup. Both served as coaches at the sport’s highest level—the Olympic Games.

Both have also coached Olympic medalists – Alan coached Silver Medalist Annia Hatch-Wooten and Miles coached 2004 Olympic Men’s Champion Paul Hamm.

As an athlete, Miles competed as a member of the USA National Team, and during his long career at Ohio State, he coached several national, international and Olympic athletes.


Alan Hatch at Woodward Gymnastics Camp

Alan has travelled the world as a coach for several other countries and has instructed a long list of champion athletes on many levels. The journey that brought Annia Hatch to the U.S. National Team, World Championships, and then onto Olympic success after suffering a massive knees injury was masterful indeed.

One must remember that the coaches spend the same amount of hours in a gym as their athletes. Miles and Alan continue to serve our sport as great coaches, and we salute Miles Avery and Alan Hatch today for Black Gymnasts in History.

Read more about Miles here:

See a behind-the-scenes video with Alan here:


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