Black Gymnasts in History: Ron Galimore

RonGalimore (2).png

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The photo says it all — Great gymnast and a great smile.

Yes, I was a fan of course, as were so many others.

Ron Galimore was the first major black gymnastics star!

To watch his gymnastics was so exciting!

The world was not able to see his incredible talent at the 1980 Olympic Games nor see his goal to win a gold medal in vault as well.

I salute all the 1980 U.S. Olympians, and despite the heartbreaking boycott, Ron continues to make an indelible mark on the sport of gymnastics to this day.

I had the chance to perform on tour with Ron and other greats headed by Kurt Thomas and international gymnastics stars. In the middle of the show was a competition and Ron won a fair share of those events. He was a crowd favorite.

He was also instrumental in setting up the Chicago Park District Gymnastics Program. This program is still going strong and is one of the few urban municipal gymnastics programs in the country.

Now the Chief Operating Officer of USA Gymnastics, Ron has used his talents on so many levels of the sport of gymnastics for the good of the the entire sport nationwide and internationally as well.


Please take the time to read this great article from his alma mater Iowa State:

Here is Ron in action at the 1980 USGF International Invitational on his signature event:

Today for Black Gymnasts in History we salute Ron Galimore – the one and only!


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