Celebrate National Gymnastics Day with WHGF this Saturday!

We’re celebrating National Gymnastics Day on Saturday. NGD is celebrated around the country every September, and this is a fun time for our gymnasts as they get ready for the season ahead. In honor of the day, we’ve listed some of our favorite reasons to do gymnastics:
1. Gymnastics Is a Lifestyle
Gymnasts learn early the importance of nutrition and regular fitness. Working out from a young age makes healthy living a habit that lasts a lifetime, well beyond the gym floor.
2. Discipline
Balancing a sport and academics requires dedication and effective time management. Committing to a sport, whether recreational or competitive, can set a child up for future success.
3. Gymnasts Learn to Set Goals
Gymnastics is a rare sport in which athletes compete as a team as well as individually. There’s no better way to learn how to work with a team while also focusing on your own goals.
Come join WHGF on Saturday at Riverbank State Park from 10am to noon!
– Share photos Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #NGD2015 and #WHGF
– Tell us what you love most about the sport!

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