How to Prepare for Fall Activities


As the mom of 2 boys, ages 10 and 12, I know that the coming of the school year is an adjustment, with additional sports and activities, on top of new school subjects to learn. Here are my tips on how to prepare for the year ahead.

  1. For new and ongoing activities: Ask your child if he or she is truly willing to commit to the entire season of classes. Make sure they understand that it’s a commitment for the whole family. Start teaching them the value of understanding and making commitments.
  2. Make sure you AND your child are fully prepared for the activities in terms of gear or equipment needed, practice times, etc. Your child should understand that preparing is now his/her responsibility too.
  1. Do as much as you can (filling out paperwork, keeping track of numbers and addresses) online and on your phone.
  1. Get used to a new routine, which includes getting enough rest and good nutrition. (You too!)
  1. Be patient and supportive to those administering the new activities. It’s a stressful time for them, too, and you will be a wonderful example for your child.

    – Wendy


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